Expeditious Synthesis of a Glycopeptide Library


Dror Ben Abba Amiel and Mattan Hurevich. 7/5/2022. “Expeditious Synthesis of a Glycopeptide Library.” European Journal of Organic Chemistry, e202200623.
Expeditious Synthesis of a Glycopeptide Library


Short proteoglycan fragments are of great importance for biochemical research. The solid-phase synthesis of such glycopeptides relies on excessive use of glycosylated amino acids, extended reaction times, and additional post-assembly deprotection protocols. We employed high-shear mixing for expedient and equimolar O-glycopeptide assembly. We further developed a stirring-based deprotection on the solid support, thus completing the synthesis of a glycopeptide library in a minimal amount of time and purification hurdles. Publisher's Version





Last updated on 08/19/2022